Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you guys want?

So instead of just posting all these stories one after another, I want to shake it up a little. Like I said before, I'm a pretty solid PUA and I know a lot of people want to get better with picking up women (except Big Nasty). Leave you comment below on what you want me to post:

1. More college stories
2. PUA approach log
3. PUA information (just general stuff for people starting out)
4. Girlfriend/ ex girlfriend stories

Let me know! You guys are my audience so please feel free to comment what you want. If you want something other than these 4, let me know as well!



  1. Hey mang,

    Go for PUA log and information and put what you believe to work man. You've got a good physique and are good lookin no homo. Now make it happen and give other peeps hope with your confidence. Gdjm

  2. Do some PUA tips bro, those would be sweet

  3. Do them all. Do them all.

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  5. Yes indeed... post them all especially the college stories. Really great blog by the way... it's very interesting. I'll definitely follow. If you have any time check out my poem blog too! Chao!

  6. All of them haha :) cool blog and very interesting stories!

    Following :)

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