Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mike goes to his first party, runs away from rapist.

When I moved into college as a freshman, I moved in relatively early. My college is rather big, and waiting until move in day is essentially waiting to insert a giant black dildo up your ass, if you can avoid it you do. Luckily for me, I was able to move in the Thursday before everyone else (everyone moved in Saturday).

I didn't know too many people yet. I knew a few girls from college orientation and a few guys I went to high school with, but not many of them moved in early. The first "day" at college was pretty uneventful. I was alone most of the time due to not knowing anyone and it was dead on campus. However, on Friday things started lighting up.

A lot of people moved in Friday, which was nice for me because from my room I could watch it all. Let me tell you, there's nothing better than drinking a nice cool drink and watching freshman girls move their shit. I almost wanted to ask their parents if they knew they were going to be smoking cocks all semester, but I decided against it. At this point in my "PUA" career, I had just read a few things and was testing it out. I approached one of the girls I saw at my orientation but never talked to.

She was very short, 4'10 maybe and just overall a tiny girl. However, she was proportioned as hell. Very supple and nice tits and a cute round ass. I felt dirty flirting with her. Looking into her eyes was hard enough, but the fact that she looked like she was 10 freaked me out a little. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, I'm new and I don't know where the Dining Commons are. Do you?
Her: Yeah! They are right over there :::Points::
Me: Hey thanks! ::::Looking at her moving stuff in::::: I take it you're a freshman as well!
Her: Haha yeah! I'm really excited! I hear this place has some great parties.
Me: Yeah they do. I'm actually going to one tonight, do you want to come?

Now the funny part is that I really didn't plan on going to a party. So now my problem was that I had to find one, and a good one. I spent that whole day talking to anyone who looked relatively older and might know where a party was. Thats right kids, I was one of "Those" Freshman.

I'm not a religious person, but if there is a god, he definitely helped me out with his magic skills. At dinner, I sat at a table with a bunch of loud guys. They seemed like a cool the time. We were talking and most of the time they were giving me shit for being a freshman. Turned out they were all on the track team. I told them that a bunch of girls and myself were looking for a party and one of their eyes lit up. They told me they would be having one at their house off campus and showed me where it was relative to the campus. I was in!

Fast forward to later that night. I give the girl a call and tell her that I'll meet her outside her dorm and to bring lots of girls. She agrees and I start to talk towards her dorm. I didn't have any alcohol since I had just gotten to college, but she came prepared. As soon as her and her friends leave the dorm, I can see all of them are totally hammered. They aren't just hammered, they are incoherent.

"Not my problem!" I thought to myself. The girl I talked to comes up to me and gives me a big hug thanking me for doing this. I figured I was in at this point. I navigate and 15 minutes later I find myself in front of the shoddiest, rattiest, looking house ever. It's the exact address the track athlete told me, so I knocked on the door.

One of the guys opens the door, looks at me and the group of around 6 girls, and smiles. We go in and I say "Hi" to all of the track guys. On a small side note: During dinner, one of them rubbed me the wrong way. He just seemed plain creepy and gave me a little trepidation when I decided to actually go to their house.

All the guys who were fun at dinner suddenly seemed different. In the presence of freshman girls, it was almost like their switches had flipped from "Funny college guy" to "Creepy rapist man". I was feeling incredibly uneasy at this point, mainly due to not knowing anyone really well and having everyone depend on me for a good time.

After 10 minutes of talking and mulling around one of the guys tells everyone to move into the basement. Being the flock of freshman we are, we oblige. Once we get into the basement, it's one of the track guys closes the door behind us. He then dims the light and says "Alright, how many of you freshman girls are down for some fun?".

At that point, all bets were off. I managed to slip by him and get to the upstairs. As soon as I got outside, I full on sprinted. I'll be damned if someone gets raped in my presence! The way I saw it, "Fuck that shit!".

I eventually got back to my dorm. It was only around 11pm at this point but I didn't give a fuck. Some track guy was probably drugging and raping someone, but I didn't want to be there to witness it. Since there was nothing else to do, I went to sleep.

The next morning I wake up and I have 3 missed calls and a handful of texts from the girl I brought to her party.

The texts were barely readable, so I just called her later in the day.

Me: "Whats up? You called?"
Her: "Yeah, why did you leave us?"
Me: "Didn't trust any of those guys, I didn't want to get raped"
Her: "Haha me neither! We left a little after. But hey, my friends like you and want to go out again sometime."
Me: "We'll see"

At this point, I wasn't willing to take another gamble on that group.....


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